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Spreading Smiles During Covid-19


Balloon Installations

Chicagoland, we know how hard this has been on everyone and celebrating a birthday or milestone event separated from your friends and family only makes it harder. Let us help you wish someone a happy birthday, anniversary, graduation, say thank you to an essential worker or just brighten up your street and put a smile on someone’s face as they walk by with our outdoor balloon installations. Color and size are both customizable. 

Pricing starts at $18/foot. If for example, you want your balloon installation to be 6 feet long the total would be $108. Pricing includes balloons and someone from our team hanging the balloons outside your house. Let us know the location of the installation for exact delivery fees.

​Balloons will last for around 3 weeks indoors. Outside, during mild temperatures, balloons will last for 2-7 days. During hot weather balloons may only last for 1-3 days and can pop if they are in the direct sun. During hot weather, placing your balloons in the shade will help extend the lifespan of your balloons. 

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